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When You Arrive

Our Rental counter is not located on the airport, so when you arrive, please collect any baggage that you may have from the baggage claim area. After you have collected your baggage, please call (340) 774-1977 for our Shuttle Service. Please allow our driver 5-10 minutes to collect you curbside.

When a flight number is provided, we will honor all reservations up to 60 minutes after the reserved pickup time has passed. Therefore, please call us with any last minute changes to your reservation. 

Forms of Payment

All renters must have a valid credit card in their name upon arrival at the rental counter. We accept all major forms of Credit Card Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

At the time of rental, a charge equal to the estimated amount of the rental plus a $500.00 – $2,000.00 Security Deposit is required. All deposits are refunded after the rental car is returned undamaged, and all incidental fees are paid.


Proof of insurance is required with all of our rentals.

As we currently do not sell additional coverage at the counter, your options for coverage are as follows:

1. Use of your personal insurance if it can be transferred to rental cars

2. Use of a Credit Card that offers rental insurance (for example: AMEX)

State and Local Taxes

Taxes, fees and surcharges are not included in the base rental rate. The Virgin Islands Government Tax is $3.75 per day. The airport access fee is 8% per rental (only charged to customers picked up at the airport), and the licensing surcharge is $3.75 per day.

Driver's License and Additional Driver Requirements

All renters must have a valid driver’s license. Non U.S. drivers will require an International Driver’s Permit, in conjunction with a license from the renter’s country of residence. This permit is available at the counter for a cost of $35.00.

Additional drivers must qualify in the same manner as the primary driver, and are subject to a surcharge of $10.00 per day. This surcharge does not apply to spouses. Please note that all additional drivers share equal responsibility for the rental vehicle as the primary driver. 

Age Restrictions

For an unrestricted rental, all renters must be 25 years or older.

Underaged Drivers (ages 21-24) are restricted to reserving vehicles in the Economy Car, Compact Car, Mid-Size Car, Full-Size Car and Compact SUV classes only. There is also an underaged driver fee of $30.00 per day.

Refueling Policy

All vehicles are rented with at least a half tank of fuel, and should be returned with the same amount as pickup to avoid a refueling charge. The refueling charge is twice the amount you would pay at the pump.

Ask your counter agent about our prepaid fuel option.


There are no restrictions on mileage, and the vehicles may be taken to the adjacent island of St. John.

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