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Seeing the need to provide the residents and visitors of the U. S. Virgin Islands with another avenue of traversing the roadway with safety, quality, efficiency, value and convenience, Premium Car Rental, LLC. was founded in 2013.

It took us another 3 years before we were able to open the doors of our current location. With the new location, came the renewed mission to provide quality new model vehicles, impeccable service, along with excellent and competitive pricing. To further achieve this goal, the decision was made to become an affiliate of Economy Rent A Car.


Economy Rent A Car has been in business for over 25 years and is headquartered in Costa Rica. With over 1,000 cars in its fleet Economy Rent A Car is Costa Rica's largest car rental company, and has 17 locations throughout the country that services all market segments and airports.

In 2009, Economy Rent A Car decided to expand its brand globally by Affiliating with strong independent car rental companies around the world. These independent operators must be focused on providing high quality service and vehicles for its customers while also being very rate competitive. The combination of high quality service with highly competitive rates sets Economy Rent A Car apart from many of its competitors. This commitment has allowed Economy Rent A Car to expand its offering to over 50 locations in 14 countries around the world, and the growth continues.



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